Changing Desktop Resolution
How To Change Desktop Resolution

Did you ever wish you could fit more on your desktop?
You could go out and buy a brand-new
state-of-the-art 19 or 21 inch monitor,
but it's a lot cheaper to increase your desktop resolution.
The greater your resolution, the more Windows xp
can squeeze on the desktop at once.

Then, you will be able to view the site
as it was meant to be seen.

0 - Close all applications and programs on screen
1 - Right-click the desktop on a blank area
2 - Select Properties from the drop-down menu
3 - Click the Settings tab
4 - Under the "Screen Area" there is a slider bar control.
Drag the control to the right (more) and watch monitor sample.
1024x768 is best for this website
5 - Click the "Apply" button and Windows xp will test your new settings.

If you see the screen and it is acceptable to you,
press the OK button to keep the new settings.
If the desktop area doesn't look right,
or doesn't display at all, do nothing for 15 seconds,
and Windows xp will return to your previous settings.

You can always turn your desktop resolution back
using this simple procedure
Today, most webpages online, are made for the
1024x768 setting
This will elliminate the "bottom scrollbar" and fit the webpage to your computer screen

I hope this info was usefull to you
and you find webpage viewing much better afterward.

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